Best bathroom mirror cabinet 2022: Practical and stylish units from £71 | Expert Reviews

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A mirror in your bathroom is an essential piece of kit, whether it’s used for shaving, applying makeup or checking that you look your best before you head out of the door. However, for extra functionality, a bathroom mirror cabinet delivers all the above while also serving as a place to store toiletries, medication or beauty products.

In addition to being practical, a stylish bathroom mirror cabinet is a design statement in itself; a mirror will often draw the eye, turning into a focal point of a room. With this in mind, it pays to spend time selecting the right one for your space in terms of size, style and functionality.  Smart Toilet

Best bathroom mirror cabinet 2022: Practical and stylish units from £71 | Expert Reviews

So, in order to help you find the wall storage unit, we’ve scoured the market to bring you a selection of the best bathroom mirror cabinets you can buy right now, of different styles and with various features – as well as a guide to the questions you should consider when choosing the best bathroom mirror cabinet for you.

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A basic unit with mirrored doors will be a useful addition to any bathroom, but many cabinets include features that can make your morning and evening routine easier. These include: 

Demister pads – Bathrooms can be damp places, especially following a long steamy bath or shower. Built-in demister pads help to clear the foggy mirrored glass by gently warming the surface to leave your reflection steam-free. These may also be labelled as “anti-mist”.

Bluetooth speaker – If you like to listen to some tunes in the tub, or power shower to the news bulletin in the morning, then a built-in Bluetooth speaker will enable you to connect your phone or device without physically having it in the bathroom. 

Versatile shelving – Movable, rather than fixed, shelving in your bathroom cabinet allows you to adapt it to the items you need to store, helping you to make the most of the space inside. Those with young children may also wish to consider a cabinet that locks, if you’ll be using it to store medicine. Look for soft-close doors too, to help prevent harsh noise when the doors shut. 

LED lighting – Often found as a strip at the top or as perimeter lighting, this is ideal for shaving or applying makeup. Some may also include interior lighting, to view the contents at a glance. 

Shaver socket – Gone are the days of wiring a shaver socket into your bathroom wall, with illuminated cabinets that need to be wired into the mains often including one. You can also find cabinets with built-in USB charging, so you can power up your toothbrush or phone, too.

Consider your storage needs before buying a cabinet. If it will house only a few items then a compact size with a larger mirror may be suitable. Similarly, if you have the space for a larger unit, or the cabinet is for a family bathroom, then more storage is better than less, so a two- or three-door design could work better. That said, check the measurements to ensure it will fit happily alongside other bathroom fittings.

If wall space is at a premium, a corner cabinet unit might prove useful. They’re perfect for small or poorly lit bathrooms, since any available light will be bounced around the room.

Basic bathroom mirrored cabinets can cost as little as £50, although they’ll usually be fairly compact and may only come with one shelf. For extra versatility and storage space, budget around £150. For larger cabinets with extra features, such as a Bluetooth speaker, demister pads and LED lighting, allow around £200-£400.

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Price: £530 | Buy now from Better Bathrooms

This stylish triple-door cabinet has nearly all the wishlist features you could ever desire in your bathroom. Not only does it look good and include plenty of storage on a trio of shelves, its perimeter LED lighting ensures that whether you’re standing directly in front of it, or sharing it with your other half, you can both clearly see what you’re doing. The lights are operated by a sensor – simply wave to turn them on and off. Inside, there’s even a magnifying mirror for a close-up view. Plus, no one has to live with fogged-up glass thanks to built-in demisters. 

Construction-wise, it’s built to last. Made from aluminium, it won’t warp or sag, plus it even comes with a two-year guarantee. Note that it takes up a fair amount of wall space – and, depending on where it’s installed, the sensor could be glitchy if it’s too close to reflective surfaces. 

Key specs – Construction: Aluminium; Doors: Three; Dimensions: 800 x 700 x 138mm; Features: Sensor switch, LED lighting, demister, shaver/toothbrush socket, Bluetooth speaker, soft-close doors

Buy now from Better Bathrooms

Price: £170 | Buy now from Big Bathroom Shop

En-suites and cloakrooms are just as much in need of storage space for spare loo rolls, handwash and lotions, for example, as larger bathrooms. This sleek, modern cabinet will prove a perfect fit, neatly tucking into a spare corner of a smaller space. Inside, there’s only a single shelf, but it’s easily accessible: the door doesn’t extend along the entire front of the cabinet, so there’s no need to worry about not opening it fully. In addition, the door can be hinged on the left or right.  

Those who shudder at the idea of DIY will be happy to learn this cabinet comes fully assembled, while the white gloss finish should mean it fits into most styles of bathroom. 

Key specs – Construction: White gloss MDF; Doors: One; Dimensions: 459 x 650 x 294mm; Features: None

Buy now from Big Bathroom Shop

Price: £71 | Buy now from Plumbworld

Boost your storage capacity without compromising the size of your mirror with this compact cabinet. At only 10cm deep, it won’t protrude too much; but it features a large oval mirror on the front, which is perfect for bouncing light around a small space. 

Opening the mirrored door by 90 degrees reveals a handy cabinet that should offer ample room for the basics. And in terms of sturdiness, the single shelf and carcass are made from stainless steel, meaning this cabinet should happily withstand the steamy atmosphere of a bathroom for years to come.

It offers superb value for money, although in a family bathroom you might need to combine it with a deep-drawer vanity unit or some tall storage.

Key specs – Construction: Stainless steel; Doors: One; Dimensions: 450 x 650 x 100mm; Features: None

Price: £175 | Buy now from Victoria Plum

Sleek, modern bathroom cabinets aren’t for everyone. If you have a period-style home or love a vintage look, this mirrored cabinet from the Camberley collection by The Bath Co. is a timeless choice. Arriving fully assembled, this cabinet with double doors and knobs for opening features subtle cornicing along its top edge and is finished in a classic satin. There’s only a single shelf inside, but its position in the centre means it will happily accommodate tall and larger bottles. 

It's a good size for a family bathroom, but it is rather heavy at 14.5kg, so you’ll need good-quality wall fixings to keep it in place. The price also includes a five-year guarantee. 

Key specs – Construction: Engineered wood; Doors: Two; Dimensions: 620 x 598 x 170mm; Features: Soft-close doors

Buy now from Victoria Plum

Price: £160 | Buy now from Made

Solid wooden cabinets usually aren’t recommended for bathrooms since they can be prone to warping. However, this stunning unit is made from mango wood: a material often used for outdoor furniture since it’s resistant to moisture. As such, this cabinet should survive the steamy environment of a bathroom. It’s beautifully designed, with the black-trimmed mirror door falling short of covering the entire length of the cabinet, instead leaving a section exposed for easy access to most used items.

With one shelf, there isn’t tons of space inside – but there’s a floor-standing bathroom caddy available in the range, which could be handy for boosting your storage needs. 

Key specs – Construction: Mango wood; Doors: One; Dimensions: 610 x 550 x 130mm; Features: None

Price: £193 | Buy now from Mano Mano

Part of Roca’s space-saving Mini range, this contemporary cabinet is one for those who hate bathroom clutter. Inside, there are two adjustable shelves, while its height means it should accommodate even the tallest bottle. Finished in a textured wood-effect grey for a sleek look, its mirrored door can be fitted to open on either the left or right to suit your room.

As you’d expect, being part of a collection means there’s plenty of coordinating furniture available should you need extra storage, plus it comes with a two-year guarantee. And if textured grey doesn’t match your bathroom, there are gloss white or textured oak options too.

Key specs – Construction: Chipboard; Doors: One; Dimensions: 450 x 600 x 140mm; Features: Adjustable shelves

Buy now from Mano Mano

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Best bathroom mirror cabinet 2022: Practical and stylish units from £71 | Expert Reviews

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