High-altitude test chamber for laboratory instrument cosmetic testing

Laboratory instruments cosmetic test used high altitude chamberApplication:As we know, the purpose of your testing is to simulate environment inside the cargo flight when it carriesyour cosmetic during transportation in high sky, from taking off, leaving ground till it enters stratosphere for long distance

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Laboratory instruments cosmetic test used high altitude chamber


As we know, the purpose of your testing is to simulate environment inside the cargo flight when it carries

your cosmetic during transportation in high sky, 

from taking off, leaving ground till it enters stratosphere for long distance cruise after uniform climbing.

During this proceeding, what we need to look into are 2 factors: 

minimum cold temperature when it cruises in the stratosphere, 

and the temperature changing speed while it climbs up after taking off and finally reaches the height to 

keep stable flying. 

Due to limit of our professional knowledge in this particular field, we can't figure out how fast does the car

go flight climb up vertically per minute.

So we have no idea how fast does the temperature inside it change neither, however, as expert of science

research for such kind of testing, we are sure that you can find out these answers. If so, 

it would be much great and better for both of us to judge the possibility of the above mentioned proposal.

Detailed technical spec
Product modelYCTL-408
Power3 phase AC 380V 50Hz max, 6KW
Inner chamber size(W*H*D)500*600*500mm
Exterior chamber size (W*H*D)1210*1600*1250mm
Temperature range-70ºC ~ +155ºC
Temperature fluctuation±0.2ºC(atmospheric pressure)
Indication resolution0.01ºC
Temperature uniformity±2ºC
Heat up time3ºC/min
Pressure range600mmHg to 1mmHg
Pressure accuracy±0.1Kpa(</= 2Kpa); ±5%(2Kpa~40Kpa); ±2Kpa(>/=40Kpa)
Depressurization time to 1mmHg (25ºC ± 10ºC)30min
InsulationGlass wool & PUF
Perspiration resistantK style tube
Chamber materialsSUS#304 stainless steel for internal chamber, Galvanized steel with ivory white powder coated finish for exterior chamber.
Accessories1. Temperature resistant silicone gasket * 1pcs
2. Cable port * 1pcs ¢100mm(50mm)
3. Window light * 1pcs
4. Multi pane vacuum glass window*1pcs

Refrigeration & heating system

1. Original imported high efficiency compressor.

2. Air cooling condenser

3. Fin-tube heater

4. Original imported solenoid valves

5. Inner spiral K-type refrigerant copper tube

6. U-type finned electro thermal tube

7. Heating & cooling systems separated

8. Refrigerating system

Circling & Drain system

1. Centrifugal fan & imported motor

2. Reverse uniflow (air flow direction)

3. Flow-throws wind

4. Drain system uses swirl type outlet and U-type deposition unit

Programable micro-computer LCD touch controller

1. Program-able micro-computer LCD touch controller, user-friendly, stable and easy use.

2. Programs: edit up to 32 PTNs (800 steps per pattern), each PTN can be executed 999 times.

3. PID & SSR control way, stable and easy to use.

4. Korea TIME 1500 controller

Yuanyao company profile:

Since 2004 we went into the environmental test chambers industry. In 2005 we eastablished our own

factory-Dongguan Yuanyao Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, which has become an important

manufacturer of environmental friendly test chambers.

Our main products include

Temperature humidity chambers

Thermal shock chambers

Walk-n stability chambers

LCM(LCD) aging chambers

Hot ovens

Vacuum ovens

Hot air clean dryers

Salt spray testers

Steam aging testers

Dust resistance chambers

Water test chambers

UV/Xenon aging test chambers

Glue dispensing machines

Ozone test machines

High altitude low pressure simulation test chambers

Air ventilation aging test chambers

Fast chamber rate cliamte chambers (ESS chamber)

Combined temp. humidity & vibration test chambers and so on...

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